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    Caishen (CAI) is a peer-to-peer crypto currency and an open source software project similar to Litecoin (LTC) but technically not identical. Caishen is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by a central authority.

    However, Caishen developers intend to not only improve upon Litecoin, but to be it's successor by offering several key improvements. Among our technical advancements is the ability to trade cryptocurrencies using automated robots. Because automated software conducts good trading on a regular basis and generates a large return, traders must now employ automated trading tools such as the Bitcoin Fortress app. Get started with Bitcoin Fortress app as it required relatively little manual work to retain its best performance, even in the worst market conditions. To efficiently trade CFDs, guides and videos are easily available. Such an app might be beneficial to both novice and experienced traders.

  • Caishen on Wikipedia

    Caishen or Cai Shen (literally "God of Wealth") is the Chinese god of prosperity. He is often depicted riding a black tiger and holding a golden rod. He may also be depicted with an iron tool capable of turning stone and iron into gold.

    Though Cai Shen started as a Chinese folk hero, later deified and venerated by local followers and admirers, Taoism and Pure Land Buddhism also came to venerate him as a god.

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About CaiShen Coin project:

Eight developers one coin:

Caishen coin has one of the best development teams available to an altcoin.

Long term development plan, both on the client side, and marketing front.

A number of new and exciting improvements not before seen in an altcoin.

Marketing team from USA, Europe, And China.

Developers names and Locations will be disclosed on announcement before release.

Developers are committed to long term development and implementation on new technology such as bitcoin superstar test.

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